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Play with your Voice

Dubber Tips:
Play with your Voice
“Start playing with your voice. Find out how many voices you can produce and practice projecting your voice right . . . it’s like training to be a singer.” That’s the advice of “Fortune Quest’s” supervisor, Neil Ericson Tolentino. Neil is a professional theater actor and director. His cartoon career began with translating scripts for “Pollyana” and other ABS-CBN cartoons into Filipino. Now he directs other dubbers too and he pays a lot of attention to the sound and emotion that goes into their voice acting.

“Watch more cartoons!” is the advice of “Akazukin Chacha’s” supervisor, Lucio “Bros” Mylas who also did the voice of King Janus.

Bros was a radio soundman in the ’50s before becoming a dubber himself. He believes that training in radio drama is a good background for anyone who would want to try out dubbing. Later on, he’d like to hold a workshop so he can train new talents, especially kids, to be the voice actors of the future. We told him to let us know Asap ’cause we’re sure he’ll get a horde of enrollees from JI readers alone *wink, wink.*

From: Inq7.net 


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