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Jewel in the Palace is currently aired in the Philippines by GMA network. The Filipino dubbing is excellent that I don’t feel I am not watching a Korean drama but a Filipino telenovela. The choice of Filipino words and expressions are good as well. Female heroines were famous in the 70’s and 80’s Philippine telenovelas. They were portrayed as humble yet resolute. Jang Geum hits the heart of the Filipinos just like our telenovelas then. The background song, “Parangarap sa Bituin” (Dream to the Star), further contributes to Filipinizing Jewel in the Palace. Filipinos are hooked with the twist of events. We just simply love suspense. What is new to us is the setting in a royal palace that we haven’t had; the setting in the kitchen and the details involving it and oriental medicine (acupuncture, acupressure and medicine concoctions). Jewel in the Palace depicts how our nation is likewise undergoing—the corruption in the royal court and some people trying their best to believe in the system and those who strive to bring out what is right. Lastly, the telenovela is worth watching for the youth. It has rich values our Filipino young can emulate.


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